At the beginning i want u to give me a chance to talk about a matter that we must highlight upon it. My friends, we live in a world in which all the morals, sincerity and loyality disappeared. the world of deception and hypocricy. it became easy to tell lies even with those who are frank with u. it became very easy to deceive any one without putting in ur consideration his feelings and to what extent this may lead to a bad consequences upon him especially if he or she was trust with u. i want to ask question: why this happen in our world? what the profit that the person will reap if he deceived someone or told lies? why we swear by Allah while we are telling lies. is our God became not represent anything for us? as we are Muslims, how we allow ourselves to swear by God while we know that we are saying not correct? how to allow ourselves to deceive people who have confidence in what they tell u about? i want somone to answer my questions. i want only one answer for the question why? sorry all my friend because my com not write in Arabic. my greetings to all in this forum.